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For the first time in history the Inline Speed Skating World Championships will be held in the Netherlands. The skaters will compete on the track, road and the freestyle disciplines. Not only the brothers Ronald and Michel Mulder look forward to the WC in their own country, all international riders look forward to the first week of July.

Province Gelderland is the décor for the battle on wheels. In Heerde from 1-3 July the riders race on one of the fastest tracks of the world. The city centre of Arnhem is the arena for the road and freestyle disciplines form 5-8 July, of course with an Urban look & feel. 

With outrageous audiences, entertainment around the races and a varied side-events program this combined WC will be a unique event on the international calendar.

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The World Championships in the Netherlands are organised by sport marketing agency TIG Sports in cooperation with World Skate, KNSB, the province Gelderland and the municipality of Arnhem and Heerde. For sponsor applications, press requests and general information, please contact TIG Sports.