Schaatsers houden hun volgers via verschillende social media-kanalen op de hoogte van hun bezigheden. blikt in 'schaatsers op social' wekelijks terug op wat er zoal gedeeld is.

Koen Verweij kan zo meedoen aan de Zomerspelen van 2020 in Tokio! 

World Champion lifting the European Champion @esmee.visser 💪😂 #vikoen #fitness

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Pak maar mijn hand...  

Hand in hand kameraden 😅#kpnnkshorttrack

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 Kai Verbij is op de weg terug van zijn blessure en stoomt zich in Collalbo klaar voor PyeongChang.

Freek van der Wart neemt afscheid van het shorttracken en moedigt iedereen aan zijn of haar droom achterna te gaan! 

KC Boutiette bedankt zijn landgenoot Joey Mantia voor een onzelfzuchtige actie... 

With the Olympic Trials going on and with the excitement of the racing, I wanted to let everyone in on a little inside information that you would most likely never hear about because it’s something that our media here in the US would never pick up on or even think to ask an athlete… All of you know that I’m trying out for a spot on the US Olympic Team for the Mass Start event. If you don’t know how it works, there are two available qualification spots available for each country and you earn them by placing in the top 24 in the overall World Cup standings after the first 3 World Cup races. Going into the final qualifying race Joey was in the top 3 in the overall World Cup standings with only a few points separating him from the overall lead and this was 100% securing a spot for the US in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Our second spot was not as secure and Joey did such an unselfish act and gave his spot to another teammate to skate the mass start to try and secure a second spot for the US Team. It worked and Brian Hansen earned that second spot securing an additional spot for the US in the Olympics. The truth is that Joey doesn’t really need a teammate as every mass start medal he’s won was from him skating solo and reacting on instinct and just smoking everyone. Not only did he give up his race to secure a spot for the US, it’s that Joey will also miss out on a pretty good chunk of change in the overall standings where you can win up to $15,000.00 for the overall. 
At the moment where most athletes only think of themselves it’s refreshing to hear something like this going behind the scenes on and I feel Joey defined the true meaning of “Taking one for the Team”. Go USA! .#speedskating #olympics #2018olympics @joeymantia

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De mannen van Team Plantina staan er ook weer goed op!

During our last days of our Vitchannel tour in Russia🇷🇺, we made a lot of progress with the government. From now on, the Russian Federation will implement a full state-organized Vit-program for all athletes in order to improve their results😍😍. Once you see results, it becomes an addiction. The reward for work well done is an opportunity to do more. Small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time. You can have results or excuses, not both. When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say ‘Why me?’, say ‘Try me!’. In the the end, we are sportsmen, not political men, and sport is a common language between all humans in the world. It’s a good language🙏🏼. This picture was spontaneously taken by President Vladimir Putin, after we made it really ‘bont’ at the Kremlin. #vit #vitboys #vitness #vitsquad #instadaily #instagood #pictureoftheday #instamodel #malemodel #bont #fromrussiawithlove #motherrussia #russia #vittour #fit #fitness #instafit #GluteusRon #ToughThomas #MuscleMich

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En Ted-Jan Bloemen viert zijn snelle tien kilometer-tijd op de Canadese afstandskampioenschappen met een steak.